Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My CUESTE people. My CUESTE colleagues are smart, dedicated hard-workers and good people. I would not change them for anything.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Today was one of those days that you look at your planner, raise your eyebrows and you say,"Man, I have so much to do." What do I do first? You look at the list,like looking for something that is really easy and then you get can erase it off so you feel better. Then, you realize everything requires time, you sigh and slowly close like wanting but not wanting to and proceed to lay on the couch with one leg on it and the other on the floor. Today, I am being lazy.

Monday, February 10, 2014

That moment in the morning, when you feel, like you, are sleep, walking. Then, you get to the hot-water machine, a light surrounds it, celestial. It came down from the heavens. The sound as you get closer to it, from the heavens, "Ahhhhhh!" like the angels singing. Finally, you arrive to it. You open your thermos cup, get your tea bag out, rip it, to get to the holy grail. You get your water, sink in, slowly, your tea bag. Lastly, you take a drink, you feel it is going down your throat, the hot water burning your intestines as it does its job. But, you, you do not really care, because it feels good even though it burns, a little.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

This weekend I discovered a new board game that is really joyful and easy to play. Its name is Stratego. This game is a two person game but if you wanted to, you could have two, three, or even more people on each side advising their ally. I compare it to chess in the sense that you can move your pieces certain ways and that some have more power than others. Moreover, it is somewhat relatable to chess in the sense that you are trying to get to the king and do check mate on him but in this game you are trying to get to the flag. It all probably sounds boring to you until I share this small detail; you do not know what your opponents pieces are because they are facing him only. You can only memorize them and use that to your advantage (if you are smart enough to memorize them) when your opponents use them in a move. The game also has bombs that are only vulnerable to a certain man and will kill any of your other chips. You also have spies that can kill your most powerful man and be killed by the weakest if attacked. In this game your men go from 1 to 9, from strongest to weakest. When you want to take out a chip from your opponents’ side you say ‘strike.’ If you are lucky or if you know what your rival is hiding on his chip, you will win that turn and then it is the other person’s turn. The point of the game as I previously mentioned is to capture the flag. But to do that, first you have to figure out where the flag is located. The game is really fun, give it a try, I played it a lot with my friends on the weekend. It is intense.